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Always in place

When a job takes your colleagues to the other side of the world, we take care of their medical safety from the outset. If you're planning a project in the middle of nowhere, we plan everything in advance. And we'll keep a cool head if the travel bug that you promised your customers turns into a tropical bug. We are German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance and we're by your side, wherever you are. Established in 1976, we are Germany's oldest assistance organisation. By combining decades of experience amassed by the German Red Cross (DRK), we can offer access to the resources of the largest worldwide aid organisation within the scope of our extensive assistance portfolio. Thanks to our Red Cross network on the ground, we have our fingers on the pulse in every single timezone. By cultivating sources of "local knowledge" all over the world, we enable ourselves to know exactly what the current situation is in any given region, not only in terms of medical matters, but also safety, infrastructure and society. As part of the International Federation of Red Crossand Red Crescent Societies, we have the best contacts all over the world - and not just within our sister organisations. We can build a broad level of support around the world - as our motto states: Always close at hand. With us at your side you can confidently focus on your own goals in the reassuring knowledge that you have made the best possible provisions for the health and well-being of your colleaguesor insured persons.

Our advantages

  • We practically invented logistics.
  • We build accommodation wherever it’s needed.
  • We offer worldwide retrieval.
  • No job is too large for us or too small.
  • Help always there wherever it’s needed, including medical.
  • Having enough manpower is never a problem for us.