We make risks measurable.


Risiko Assesment

 Specific risk assessment from German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance includes:

  • Analysis and appraisal of health-related factors in the area concerned with regard to:
    • Avoidance of occupational illnesses
    • Practices in the event of (workplace) accidents
    • Ensuring health-related project safety
    • Recommendation of emergency procedures
  • Evaluation of the local environment with regard to health risks and hazards
  • Recommendation and implementation of risk mitigation measures
  • We expect the unexpected.

    The best emergency plan is the one you don’t need. The second best is based on our local knowledge. Analysis of on-the-ground intelligence in conjunction with our decades-long experience...
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  • We are Assistance

    As German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance, we can naturally offer all medical assistance services from just one source. Within the scope of our operational project management ...
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