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Stay healthy. Second subject: Save correctly.


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We make School

Extreme climates, unfamiliar hygiene standards, foreign pathogens, unsafe transmission routes, wild animals - every region has different risks and dangers. That is why we purposefully prepare your colleagues for their overseas deployment via use of our local knowledge. We explain what they must look out for and what they must refrain from,because well-trained colleagues are the best protection from avoidable issues. In addition we also offer a special First Aid course that takes into account your overseas project's special requirements: First Aid Excellence - Powered by Red Cross.

Education and training from German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance includes:

  • General preparation for overseas deployment
  • Targeted preparation for specific overseas deployments
  • “First Aid Excellence - Powered by Red Cross” - course
  • Special training and workshops (e.g. “Safety in the Field”, crisis communication in the event of kidnap or hostage situations, etc.)