We expect

the unexpected


Project and emergency planning from German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance includes:

  • Development of a project-related emergency plan:
  • In the event of an emergency, who is responsible for what, and who makes which arrangements?
    • Who is the contact person?
    • Who needs to be informed?
    • Who is authorised to circulate information?
  • Development of an evacuation plan within the scope of a worst case scenario: Which available
  • method of evacuation is the most secure in which circumstances?
  • Deployment of experts to analyse the situation on the ground in special cases, and to implement appropriate measures
  • Provision of an emergency socio-psychological team in the event of a large-scale disaster

The best emergency plan is the one you don't need. The second best is based on our local knowledge. Analysis of on-the-ground intelligence in conjunction with our decades-long experience in crisis areas provides us with the ideal foundation for project-specific emergency planning that can stand up to reality. In the case of an emergency, for example in the event of serious injuries or infections, our plan will swing swiftly into action.

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