We make it easy for you to settle up.


Simply settle

When overseas medical services are settled by expatriates, the claims must be checked. Our close partner offers a coherent, user-friendly TPA portal through which claims can be checked for correctness, verified and transferred directly into the payee's system. The structure of the TPA portal is specifically geared towards the requirements of globally active organisations.

Our TPA service includes:

  • State-of-the-art TPA online portal for employers, employees, insurers and agents for the administration of expatriates and the processing of medical invoices
  • Comprehensive TPA portal functions for expatriates:
    • Convenient invoice submission and information on processing status
    • Quick search for suitable doctors and hospitals
    • Overview of all relevant insurance information
    • Information on how to proceed in the event of a complaint
  • Evaluation options for employers, insurers and agents
  • Telephone advice with regard to contracts and service queries
  • Emergency travel app for easy contact - with GPS data transmission and simple document capture if so desired
  • We don’t let the world out of our sight.

    Worldwide organisations, insurers, trade associations, etc., need to be aware at all times of how health-related situations...
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  • We make safe processes.

    If your overseas project is not a one-time engagement for your organisation, we will support you to establish a general process for deployments. With this already-defined process in place...
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