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German Red Cross
Auf'm Hennekamp 71
40225 Düsseldorf

Tel: +49 211 301805-0
Fax:+49 211 301805-21

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Our Offers for Insurance Companies

Provide safety. Benefit from advantages.

For the care of an ill or injured patient abroad, as well as within Germany, these three factors are decisive for you as an insurance provider. You expect:

■      the best possible medical care on site and en route

■      the fastest possible transportation

■      optimal cost effectiveness

With the German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance, you’re on the safe side in every way for both yourself and your members. DRK Assistance operates in a straightforward manner and always ensures maximum cost-efficiency and value. In all aspects of the organization, coordination and implementation, you can always place your trust in DRK Assistance. Economic efficiency and medical professionalism go hand in hand with us. Your members will experience it for themselves – and view your company in the best possible light.

Working together with the German Red Cross (DRK) Assistance helps you to access decades of expertise and experience with an aid organization that’s not only successful, but also boasts a worldwide presence. In fact, the German Red Cross is Germany's leader in providing ambulance services. You are guaranteed experience and close contacts across the globe, as well as the knowledge that you’re working with a partner you can count on – 100 percent!

Our management is here if you require any information. Please get in touch and tell us about your insurance so we can work out the individual conditions for your service. We are just a phone call away.